Where did A$AP Rocky take Rihanna in her 8th month of pregnancy?

The story is about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky who are currently on vacation in Rihanna's hometown, Barbados, as they prepare to become parents. In the eighth month of her pregnancy, A$AP takes Rihanna to a beach in Barbados. In the photos shared online, the couple is seen enjoying the beach. A$AP goes on a jet ski while Rihanna, wearing a red bikini, hangs out with friends and family on the beach, occasionally watching him with binoculars. She is also seen stopping on the side of a street to get a coconut. Their romance grew serious at the end of 2020, as they were spotted together on Christmas Eve in Barbados. Insiders claim that A$AP spent the holiday with Rihanna and her family in her hometown. Although they went public with their relationship in November 2020, it is during her pregnancy that they are seen enjoying a beach vacation together.