Selena Gomez Just Had the Most Relatable Wardrobe Malfunction!

Selena Gomez recently had a relatable wardrobe malfunction when she accidentally spilled Coke on her pants. Instead of letting the stain ruin her outfit, Selena hilariously covered it up by sitting on the floor behind a set of curtains and only showing her face through the panels in a photo she shared on her Instagram Story. During a surprise performance with Coldplay at their Rose Bowl show in Pasadena, California, Selena put on an amazing show the night before the mishap. She performed her collaboration with the band, "Let Somebody Go," alongside artist H.E.R.

Selena shared a backstage selfie where she looked stunning in a black bodycon dress, matching lace tights, and silver hoop earrings, thanking Coldplay and H.E.R. for an amazing night. Selena is known for giving her followers an unfiltered look into her life. Whether it's playful mishaps or talking about her dating preferences, she always keeps it real. In August, after releasing her song "Single Soon," she expressed gratitude for her fans' support and described the track as a playful anthem about being comfortable in one's own skin and enjoying one's own company. A few days later, Selena opened up about her dating standards, explaining that she has them and that boys often confuse them with being high maintenance. She emphasized that she is not ashamed to require certain things from a partner. This glimpse into Selena's life shows how she has grown and become more confident in herself. She continues to be authentic and honest with her fans.