It Was Another Disastrous Sunday for NFL Referees

The NFL referees had another disastrous Sunday in Week 7 of the football season. The officiating has always been questionable, but now it has become a major problem. The outcome of games is being determined by the officials, which is a huge issue. One solution could be allowing every play to be reviewed within two minutes to prevent game-deciding referee calls. There were two examples from Sunday's games that showcased the poor officiating. In the Steelers vs. Rams game, the referees mistakenly gave Pittsburgh a first down on a fourth-and-1 play, even though the quarterback fell short. In the Browns' game against the Colts, the referees made two bad calls that ultimately helped Cleveland secure a victory. They called a phantom illegal contact penalty to negate a fumble recovery by the Colts and made a pass interference call on an uncatchable ball. These instances, along with other officiating issues throughout the league, highlight the need for the NFL to address this problem. Despite the league's reluctance to admit the issue, it is crucial that they find a solution before more important games are decided by referee mistakes.