The Eagle has landed! The Redding Eagles have officially returned to their nest

The Redding Eagles have officially returned to their nest after a long migration, as announced by the Friends of the Redding Eagles (FORE) on Facebook. The FORE, who have been eagerly awaiting their return, expressed their joy at finally seeing both of the famous eagles back in the nest. They also mentioned that they are working on reinstating the 24/7 livestream for fans, which is expected to be up and running sometime this week. The FORE further revealed that they have observed the eagle pair diligently preparing the nest for the upcoming winter season. They have been seen carefully arranging sticks and ensuring that the nest is ready for the colder months ahead. In addition, the FORE has been busy during the off-season replacing the live stream camera and relocating it to a branch that offers a better angle and improved visibility of the nest. The FORE has committed to closely monitoring the activities of the Eagles throughout their stay in Redding. They are particularly excited about the possibility of witnessing the eagles lay healthy eggs in February.