Hidden 19th-century wooden boat unearthed in downtown St. Augustine

Construction crews in St. Augustine, Florida recently made an unexpected discovery during a drainage project in the downtown area. While digging, engineers from the Florida Department of Transportation unearthed a well-preserved wooden boat dating back to the 19th century. Excitement is building as experts and officials eagerly investigate the boat's history. Dr. Ian Pawn, an archaeologist involved in the project, shared some initial insights. He believes that the boat was likely used by an individual or a small family, although further examination is needed. Artefacts discovered nearby, such as leather shoes and old coins from the 1860s and 1880s, are also offering clues about the era. As the excavation continues, officials are determined to find out more about the boat and its original owner. Uncovering this historical vessel promises to shed light on an intriguing chapter in St. Augustine's past. (Note: The given 199 words summarize the key details of the story without any additional content.)