13-foot-long, 680-pound alligator from Texas caught after 20-year hunt

After a 20-year hunt, a group of four fishermen in Texas finally succeeded in capturing a massive alligator that measured 13-feet-long and weighed 680 pounds. The fishermen, Robert Hennis, his son Joel Hennis, Rev. John Benandini Jr., and Tommy Strawn, caught the alligator just two days before the hunting season ended. The group used legal alligator-harvesting tags provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to capture the massive reptile from Turtle Bayou near Anahuac in Chambers County. Joel mentioned that they would see the alligator every year, a week before the season started, but they wouldn't see it again until the season was over. However, this time the alligator made a mistake by biting their hook. To catch the alligator, the fishermen used bayou mullet, which was located behind Robert's home. It was not an easy task, as it took four 800-pound paracords to bring the alligator to the water's surface. During the capture, the alligator broke two lines while thrashing about in an attempt to avoid being caught. Afterward, most of the meat harvested from the alligator was donated to local church parishioners. Chambers County, where the capture took place, is known as the Alligator Capital of Texas due to its high population of alligators. To critics of alligator harvesting, Joel mentioned that they encounter alligators frequently and stated, "They don't know anything about alligators."