Paris Hilton Says Her Heart 'Hurts' After Comments About Son's Head: 'Cruel and Hateful'

Paris Hilton recently expressed her sadness and disappointment over the hurtful comments made about her 8-month-old son, Phoenix Barron. She took to Instagram to address the unacceptable behavior of targeting her child and emphasized the need for love, respect, and acceptance. Hilton had posted pictures of her son's first trip to New York City, and while most of the responses were positive, a TikTok user pointed out the negative comments. Hilton clarified that her son is perfectly healthy and explained that he has a larger head. In response to the negative comments, Hilton shared on her Instagram Story how deeply hurt she was.

She has worked hard to create an environment of love and acceptance, and she expects the same in return. As a social media personality and a new mother, she faces scrutiny and judgment. She highlighted the pressures of being a working mom and the contradictory expectations she faces. Hilton also expressed her gratitude and love for her son, stating that he is the biggest blessing in her life. She dreams of being a mother and cherishes every moment with him.

It is heartbreaking for her to think that there are people who would target such innocence. She urged people to show more kindness and empathy towards one another. Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed their son via surrogate earlier this year. They have received support from Hilton's parents, who adore their grandson. Hilton acknowledges her close relationship with her family and the immense support they provide. Overall, Hilton's heartfelt message shed light on the hurtful comments she received regarding her son and emphasized the need for kindness and empathy in social media interactions.