Taylor Swift & Beyoncé Reporters Sought By Gannett; Job Listings Draw Mixed Reaction

Newspaper coverage of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé is about to get even bigger, with Gannett this week posting job listings for dedicated reporters for each of the artists at USA Today and The Tennessean. The announcements by the largest newspaper chain in the United States have struck a false note with some in the media.

The job description for "Taylor Swift Reporter" says Gannett is seeking "an experienced, video-forward journalist to capture the music and cultural impact of Taylor Swift" who "will identify why the pop star's influence only expands, what her fanbase stands for in pop culture, and the effect she has across the music and business worlds." 

The one for "Beyoncé Knowles-Carter Reporter" says the successful candidate will "chronicle the music, fashion, cultural and economic influence" of the international superstar and icon, capturing "her effect not only on the many industries in which she operates, but also on society" and identifying "why the star's influence continues to expand and the effect it is having on the music and business worlds." 

Both jobs require the ability to travel internationally, with a salary range of $21.63 to $50.87 per hour. 

Each of the artists has enjoyed record-breaking tours this year as their reach and cultural impact continues to grow, but newsrooms have also continued to shrink across the U.S., prompting mixed reaction to the job postings. Some journalists pointed out that Gannett cut its workforce last year with 400 employees laid off in August 2022, and a further 6% of the company's U.S. media division in December.