Emily Blunt blasted for calling waitress ‘enormous’ in resurfaced interview: ‘She’s a fatphobic unfunny mean girl’

Actress Emily Blunt is facing criticism after an old interview resurfaced in which she referred to a Chili's waitress as "enormous." Blunt was a guest on "The Jonathan Ross Show" in 2012, where she shared a story about dining at a Chili's restaurant in Louisiana while filming a movie. She described the waitress as "enormous" and suggested that she received free meals from the restaurant. Blunt's comments have caused outrage on Twitter, with users calling her "fatphobic" and a "mean girl." Many fans expressed disappointment and removed her from their list of favorite actresses. Blunt has since apologized for her insensitive remarks, stating that she was appalled and could not recognize herself in that moment. She acknowledged that her comment was hurtful and unrelated to the story she was trying to tell. Blunt apologized for any hurt she caused and admitted that she should have known better.