‘They’re not really road games’: Dan Campbell has never seen fans travel like this

The Detroit Lions have been on a roll, winning their last four games and climbing to the top of the NFL. But what's even more impressive is the support they have been receiving from their fans on the road. Head coach Dan Campbell has never seen anything like it in his 25 seasons in the NFL. The Lions' fans have always traveled well, but now that the team is winning, more fans are showing up to away games. During the season opener at Arrowhead Stadium, known for its hostile environment, chants of "Let's Go Lions!" could be heard on the TV broadcast. Two weeks later, there were so many Lions fans at Lambeau Field that the Packers had to issue a statement about ticket resales. The Lions won both games. Then they traveled to Tampa, where the crowd was split between Lions and Bucs fans, and they won that game too. Campbell describes these away games as not feeling like road games at all. With overwhelming support from fans, it feels like playing at home. He has never seen anything quite like it, even in big markets like New York and Dallas. The Lions' success and the support they receive from fans is extraordinary and has caught the attention of not only the NFL but also Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. The phenomenon of Lions fans filling up stadiums is truly remarkable and shows the loyalty and dedication of the fanbase.