Travis and Jason Kelce review Halloween costumes inspired by the Kelce family and Taylor Swift

Travis and Jason Kelce reviewed Halloween costumes inspired by their family and Taylor Swift, which proved to be a popular choice this year. The brothers asked fans to share their costumes on their podcast, and the submissions did not disappoint. The Kelce family was well-represented, with people even dressing up as their mother, Donna Kelce, wearing a split jersey supporting both Travis and Jason's teams. It was a true Kelce Halloween. One TikTok video caught the brothers' attention, featuring a man dressed up as Taylor Swift and a woman dressed as a map. In the video, "Swift" humorously puts a picture of Travis' face on the map. The Kelce brothers found the joke amusing and couldn't help but laugh. However, their favorite costume was a baby dressed up as a homemade Mummer, resembling the one Jason wore at the Super Bowl Parade in 2018. They found it both creepy and awesome to see so many people dressing up as them. Overall, Travis and Jason Kelce enjoyed reviewing the Halloween costumes and were impressed by the creativity of their fans. It was a fun and lighthearted experience for the brothers, as they embraced the Halloween spirit.