How this Michigan teen became a state champion yo-yo artist

The story revolves around Xaviar McDonald, a Michigan teen who became a state champion yo-yo artist. Xaviar discovered his love for yo-yoing in third grade when a guest speaker used yo-yo tricks to captivate the students. He immediately asked his mother for money to buy his first yo-yo and embarked on a seven-year journey to perfect the craft. Over the years, Xaviar honed his skills by watching YouTube tutorials and gradually advanced to using unresponsive yo-yos. At the age of 14, he participated in his first statewide yo-yo tournament and placed sixth in the 1A division. This initial success fueled his passion and determination to take yo-yoing seriously. At 16, Xaviar won the Michigan State Yo-Yo Championship, gaining the attention of sponsors like Watieoboo, who allowed him to design his own signature yo-yo. Xaviar now has over 80 yo-yos, including his custom-designed one with an aluminum body and stainless steel rims for longer spins. Yo-yoing became more than just a hobby for Xaviar; it boosted his confidence and helped him overcome anxiety and stage fright. He felt a sense of community and belonging when participating in yo-yo events and found it to be a therapeutic activity that calmed his mind. Inspired by his own experience, Xaviar aims to promote yo-yoing and establish a yo-yo club at Grand Blanc High School. He wants to share his passion and introduce more people to this unique sport, hoping to break the stereotype surrounding yo-yoing and bring it into the mainstream. Xaviar's dedication and talent in yo-yoing make him an inspiring figure, captivating the attention of those who witness his impressive tricks. Ultimately, his goal is to spread awareness about yo-yoing and create a lasting legacy by establishing a club that will continue to thrive even after he graduates.