'Totally bummed': Neighbors torn over crocodile relocation after months of sightings on the Space Coast

A massive and elusive crocodile that had been sighted in various canals in Brevard County was captured and relocated. Some neighbors had been requesting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to relocate the reptile, while others were sad to see it go. The crocodile, nearly 10 feet long, had been a topic of conversation in the town after it was seen sunbathing, swimming, and eating fish in the Berkeley Canal. Although the crocodile brought excitement, it also caused some uneasiness among the residents. FWC made the decision to relocate the crocodile in the best interest of both the animal and the community. However, not everyone was happy about its relocation, particularly a homeowner named Fast Eddie(y), who had a fondness for the reptile and had even given it a name. Experts mention that crocodile attacks in Florida are extremely rare, and they are different from alligators. Conservation biologist Joe Wasilewski explains that due to their protected status, the game commission faces challenges in making decisions about crocodiles. While the crocodile may return due to its homing mechanism, FWC plans to track its movements using a satellite transmitter. Some believe that the crocodile will eventually come back to the area.