Robert Irwin Gets Emotional Sharing Zoo Milestone Tied to Late Father Steve: ‘Dad Would Be Pretty Proud’

Robert Irwin shared an emotional moment in a TikTok video, revealing that the Australia Zoo has successfully bred an Irwin's turtle, a species his late father, Steve Irwin, discovered in the wild. This milestone marks the first time the rare freshwater turtle has been bred in a zoo. Robert expressed his excitement and explained that this achievement is one of the highlights of his life and a significant moment for the zoo. The video showed a photo of Steve holding the adult Irwin's turtle he found, and Robert held the newly hatched baby turtle in his palm. He mentioned that this species is under threat in the wild and that breeding them in captivity gives them a second chance. Robert then released the baby turtle into a pond at the zoo, allowing it to explore its new habitat. Reflecting on the experience, Robert became emotional and expressed his belief that his father would be proud. He noted that the turtle holds special significance for their family and that his father had shared stories about their beauty. Robert concluded the video by stating that this milestone represented a significant opportunity to protect a species in danger. Robert and his sister Bindi often share memories of their father on social media. In April, Robert paid tribute to his father's old car, recalling memories of driving with his dad and the car's role in important family moments. Despite his father's passing, Robert continues to honor his legacy and maintain a strong connection to his father's work and passions.