The Beatles song Ringo Starr considered their “finest piece”

The Beatles' song "Abbey Road" is considered by Ringo Starr to be their "finest piece". Despite the band's recent struggles, they found joy in working on this album. Each member, including George Harrison, penned iconic tracks that showcased their songwriting talents. However, Ringo believes the highlight of the album is the second half, known as "The Long One", a medley of various songs. Although the songs are not connected by a storyline, Ringo considers this medley to be the pinnacle of their recording career.

John Lennon, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic, stating that the songs had no connection except for being stuck together. Nevertheless, the medley displays the band's exceptional musicianship, with abrupt key changes and a balanced tone throughout the songs. The medley concludes with a drum solo by Ringo, leading to the final song of their career, "The End", where each member trades guitar licks before Paul McCartney delivers the closing line. Despite the lack of connection between the songs, all the Beatles recognized the significance of the medley. The recording sessions were filled with joy and happiness, as they knew this album could be their last.