Britney Spears Describes What It Was Like Living Under Conservatorship: I Became a 'Child-Robot'!

Britney Spears reveals the devastating effects of living under conservatorship in an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming memoir, "The Woman in Me." She describes how the court-ordered arrangement, which granted her father and a lawyer control over her personal and financial affairs, turned her into a "child-robot." Spears explains that she felt infantilized and lost her sense of self under the conservatorship, which stripped her of her womanhood and made her feel like an entity rather than a person. She shares how she vacillated between acting like a little girl and trying to assert her adult self, but the restrictions and control placed on her prevented her from fully embracing her adulthood.

The conservatorship also stifled her creativity as an artist, as she was forced to conform to their expectations and lost the freedom to express and explore herself as a human being. After 13 years, Spears finally spoke out in open court in June 2021 and passionately pleaded for the conservatorship to end. By September, her father was suspended as conservator, and in November, the conservatorship was terminated. Since then, Spears has been reclaiming her voice and enjoying her newfound freedom. She emphasizes the importance of telling her own story and owning her past, present, and future. The memoir will be released on October 24, allowing fans to hear her side directly from her.