Justin Timberlake Is Apparently Unhappy With The “Disgusting” Hate He’s Faced Over Britney’s Claims

Justin Timberlake is reportedly unhappy with the negative attention he has been receiving following Britney Spears' claims about their past relationship. In her recently released memoir, Britney candidly reflects on their three-year relationship, which ended in a messy breakup. Justin had insinuated Britney's infidelity through his song "Cry Me a River" and made degrading comments about their sex life in the media. This led to Britney being demonized by the media and reduced to tears in interviews. However, in her book, Britney reveals that she cheated on Justin after hearing he had been unfaithful multiple times. She also discloses that she had a secret abortion during their relationship. Britney claims that Justin did not want to be a parent and was unhappy about the pregnancy. She also comments on Justin's controversial past image, accusing him and his band, NSYNC, of trying too hard to fit in with the Black scene. Following these revelations, Justin disabled the comments on his Instagram posts due to the hateful and disgusting remarks people were making. This isn't the first time Justin has faced backlash on social media, as fans previously called for him to apologize to Britney after the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary in 2021. It remains to be seen whether Justin will address the backlash or Britney's claims directly.