Hailey Bieber Weighs In on Justin Bieber's Clashing Outfit Choices

Hailey Bieber reveals that she doesn't mind her husband, Justin Bieber, stepping out in clashing outfits. The couple went viral in August for their fashion choices during a day of press in New York City. Hailey, who was promoting her Rhode Beauty line, stunned in a sexy red dress while Justin confidently sported a sweatsuit and Crocs. Despite the online chatter, Mrs. Bieber doesn't let it bother her. She explains that their individual styles often reflect their moods, and they don't feel the need to coordinate their outfits. Justin also showcased how his wife matches his style in coordinating sweats in an Instagram post. While Hailey remains unfazed by comments about their fashion choices, she does admit that the pregnancy speculation bothers her. She reveals that there have been multiple occasions where people have assumed she was pregnant based on her appearance, and it can be disheartening. Hailey emphasizes that she cares about what people think and denies being completely indifferent to criticism.