Alligator missing upper jaw continues to improve while under care of Gatorland staff

Jawlene, an alligator with a missing upper jaw, is slowly getting better with the help of Gatorland staff. Although she has been through a lot, she is showing immense resilience. A gator trapper rescued her after she was spotted in the wild with her injury. Since arriving at Gatorland, Jawlene's health has improved. She is eating and has even gained weight. The vet has stated that she looks healthy and for the staff to continue their current care. Due to her injury, Jawlene has to be isolated from other alligators and will likely remain so for the rest of her life. Gatorland staff believe her injury was caused by a boat propeller or another animal. Despite being alone, Jawlene can swim, hide, and go about her alligator activities. Suggestions for a prosthetic jaw have been made, but the staff will only consider it if it significantly improves her quality of life. Currently, the focus is on Jawlene's continued improvement. The staff hopes that one day Dolly Parton, whose song "Jolene" Jawlene is named after, will learn about her story and visit her at Gatorland.