Kevin Costner Has Not Yet Reached 'Yellowstone' Exit Agreement, Child Support Hearing Reveals

Kevin Costner's child support hearing revealed that while he will not be returning to the hit TV show Yellowstone, he has yet to reach an exit agreement with the show's network, Paramount. Costner's estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, included his salary from Yellowstone in her request for child support payments. Costner's lawyer argued that his Yellowstone salary should not be considered since he will no longer be receiving income from the show. Costner stated that Yellowstone was a once-in-a-lifetime event that provided him with an unusually high level of income that he will not reach again in the future. The court documents showed the stark difference in Costner's cash flow with and without his Yellowstone income. Costner's monthly average cash flow with Yellowstone income was $1,308,920, while without it, it was $468,136. The divorce battle has become contentious, with Baumgartner requesting an increase in child support payments. However, experts suggest that the children do not need an exact duplicate lifestyle and just need to share in some benefits of having a high-income father. Costner proposed a monthly child support payment of $63,209, arguing that it meets the reasonable needs of their children.