Woman gives birth on her own birthday (again!)

A mom in Louisiana recently gave birth and now shares her birthday with not one, but two of her children.

“My family is everything to me. We’ve had some hard times this last year, so it’s everything to me. My children especially, they’re my whole world,” Libby McFarland said.

When she was born 29 years ago on Oct. 18, McFarland never planned to share the day, especially with two of her children.

“My son Arrow was born Oct. 18, 2018, and then my daughter Navy was born Oct. 18, 2023,” she said.

As unusual as the story may sound, it seems to be a pattern with her family. Her eldest son shares the same birthday as two of his grandparents.

“His biological grandmother on his dad’s side, she was born on June 19, and then his mom, which is his step-grandmother, she was born on June 19 as well,” McFarland said.

McFarland says while it’s all fun, she doesn’t plan to share her birthday with any more little ones as she and her husband enjoy their first baby girl.