Yellowstone Will Officially End After Season 5

The popular series Yellowstone will officially end after its upcoming Season 5. The second part of the season, which was initially scheduled to air in the summer, will now be released in November. This final season will also be followed by a sequel series that will premiere in December. There have been rumors circulating for months that the series' lead actor, Kevin Costner, may not be returning to the show. These rumors were fueled by reports earlier this year of friction between Costner and the production team. Costner is currently directing and starring in a western film called Horizon, which caused frustration on the set of Yellowstone. Season 5 of Yellowstone was originally planned to resume filming for a summer release. However, Costner proposed to significantly reduce his filming time due to conflicts with the production of Horizon. This led to speculation that Costner's reduced involvement may have contributed to the decision to end the series after Season 5. Fans of Yellowstone will now have to wait until November to see the second part of Season 5, and then December for the premiere of the sequel series. The announcement of the show's end has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation about the reasons behind it and what the future holds for the Yellowstone universe.